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Respect The Kink (2021) | 15mins 

Besties Ada, Carmen and Taylor keep each other’s sanity in check whilst making (“risking”) their livelihood through part-time pet play. On a planned visit to a client's home, Ada’s out of character behaviour causes suspicion amongst the friends. We are revealed that there was a game plan to pay revenge to the Kinkster all along. 


Featuring: Madeleine Clunies-Ross, Sam Delich, Samm Cluff, Charlotte Friels and Bailey Splading 

Written and Directed by Shadi Soheili

Produced by Shadi Soheili and Re Lim

Cinematography by Ashley Barron ACS 

Editing By Mat Evans 

Colour Grading by Yanni Kronenberg 

Sound Design by Megan Howieson 

Production Design by Aileen Fang 

Costume Design by Alexis Conway

‘Respect The Kink’ is currently on the film festival circuit

Respect The Kink
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Behind The Scenes

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