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Shadi Soheili

Shadi is a multi-talented filmmaker, writer, and director who fearlessly pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling. With a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from The University of Sydney and a Diploma in Production Management from the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School, Shadi is a highly qualified and accomplished artist.

With extensive experience in the film industry, Shadi has honed her craft through a variety of roles, including serving as a producer/director's assistant on the Disney Plus series 'The Last Days of The Space Age' under the expert guidance of Emmy-nominated director Bharat Nalluri. In addition, she has worked as a versatile production assistant, third AD, videographer, and editor on a range of projects, from commercials, television and feature films. 

But it was Shadi's formative years that sparked her deep love and passion for cinema. As the daughter of working immigrants, she discovered the transformative power of film at a young age, finding solace, imagination, and purpose in the stories she saw on screen. This early introduction to cinema has influenced her approach to storytelling, and she infuses her films with raw, subversive creative direction that reflects her own experiences grappling with trauma.

Shadi's directorial debut, 'Respect The Kink,' was a semi-finalist at the prestigious Flicker Rhode Island Film Festival, and she is currently developing her second short film, 'Joon-Am.' This semi-autobiographical story draws on Shadi's personal experience of growing up with an abusive parent and navigating her Iranian heritage. Through her work, Shadi hopes to use her own story to inspire healing and raise awareness of the effects of childhood trauma.

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